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11 min readJun 18, 2024


Get ready for a green and healthy lawn! In this article, we’ve compiled the best Weed and Feed products available in the market. Our roundup covers everything from organic solutions to efficient chemical blends, ensuring you find the perfect blend for your lawn’s needs. Discover the power of Weed and Feed products and transform your yard into a lush paradise!

The Top 5 Best Weed And Feeds

  1. Hi-Yield Weed & Feed Granules for Lawn and Garden — Say goodbye to pesky broadleaf weeds and give your grass the nutrients it needs with Hi-Yield’s dual-action weed and feed formula, perfect for multiple grass types and ideal for lawns up to 5,000 sq ft.
  2. BioAdvanced Granular Weed Killer for All-Season Protection — Eliminate over 200 listed broadleaf weeds, including Dandelion, Clover, and Crabgrass, while preventing new weeds and Crabgrass from emerging for up to 6 months with the environmentally-friendly BioAdvanced 5-in-1 Weed & Feed Granular Weed Killer!
  3. Scotts Turf Builder Weed and Feed for Lawn Care — Scotts Turf Builder Weed & Feed: Powerful weed control and grass thickening in a ready-to-use formula, covering up to 12,000 square feet.
  4. Scotts Triple Action Turf Builder: Weed & Feed 15 lbs Bag — Scotts Turf Builder Weed & Feed — 15lb bag: Effectively kills dandelions and other lawn weeds, while promoting plant health and improving water absorption, covering 5,000 sq. ft.
  5. Scotts Triple Action Lawn Fertilizer for Weed Removal and Grass Health — Scotts Turf Builder Triple Action — Lawn Fertilizer: A 3-in-1 solution for weed control, crabgrass prevention, and grass nutrition, perfect for various grass types and easy to apply.

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Hi-Yield Weed & Feed Granules for Lawn and Garden

Meet the Hi-Yield Weed & Feed 18lbs — your go-to solution for both weed control and fertilization. This product boasts a dual-action formula that effectively tackles a variety of broadleaf weeds, such as dandelion, chickweed, and knotweed, while nurturing your grass. With its ability to cover up to 5,000 sq. feet, this 18-lb bag is perfect for medium-sized lawns.

One of the highlights of this product is its versatility. It’s suitable for multiple grass types, including centipede, Bahia, and Bermuda, making it a reliable choice for various lawns. However, it’s crucial to follow the application instructions on the label to ensure the best results.

While the Hi-Yield Weed & Feed 18lbs has gained positive reviews from some users, it has also received its fair share of negative feedback. Some customers have complained about the product not effectively controlling weeds or causing existing weeds to grow more. It’s essential to weigh the pros and cons and assess if this product fits your lawn care needs.

BioAdvanced Granular Weed Killer for All-Season Protection


I recently started using BioAdvanced 5-in-1 Weed & Feed for my lawn, and I must say, it’s a game-changer! After dealing with pesky crabgrass and various weeds for years, I finally found a solution that not only kills them but also prevents them from returning for up to 6 months.

The product is easy to use; it requires minimal effort and time. Simply follow the application directions, and within weeks, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your lawn’s appearance. The extended 6-month control barrier is a major plus, as it spares you the stress of constantly monitoring and treating your lawn.

One of the aspects I appreciate the most about this BioAdvanced product is its sustainability focus. Its formula is designed to kill over 200 listed broadleaf weeds, including dandelions and clover, without harming the environment. Additionally, it’s phosphorus-free, making it a responsible choice for lawn care.

However, there’s one minor downside I noticed: the odor. It’s quite strong immediately after application and can be somewhat distressing, especially if you have windows open or spend time in the yard. But, considering the product’s overall effectiveness, I’m willing to put up with the temporary inconvenience.

In conclusion, the BioAdvanced 5-in-1 Weed & Feed is a reliable and efficient solution for anyone looking to maintain a healthy, weed-free lawn. It may require some patience, as weeds may not disappear overnight, but the results are well worth the wait. Plus, its eco-friendly formula adds to its appeal. So, if you’re tired of constantly battling weeds and crabgrass, give this product a try — your lawn will thank you!

Scotts Turf Builder Weed and Feed for Lawn Care

I recently tried Scotts Turf Builder Weed & Feed, a granular weed killer that promises to thicken lawns and crowd out weeds. I found it to be a versatile product, suitable for treating multiple grass types, including Bermuda grass. However, it was not designed for use on vegetable gardens.

The highlight of the product for me was the Weedgrip Technology, which aims to control not only the visible weeds but also the ones you can’t see. This feature made it stand out from other granular weed killers I’ve tried. It’s also worth mentioning that it’s a post-emergent weed killer, perfect for treating existing weeds.

Despite its great features, the Turf Builder Weed & Feed did come with a slight odor during application. Additionally, it’s worth noting that it’s phosphorus-free, which might be an issue for some users who prefer products with higher phosphorus content.

Overall, Scotts Turf Builder Weed & Feed is a reliable, effective solution for both existing and future weed control. Just make sure to follow the instructions well to avoid any issues.

Scotts Triple Action Turf Builder: Weed & Feed 15 lbs Bag

As a long-time fan of Scotts lawn care products, I was excited to try their Scotts Turf Builder Weed & Feed for dandelion control. After reading the instructions carefully, I applied the product to my lawn late in May, hoping for a thicker, greener, and weed-free lawn. Within a few days, I began to see positive changes on my patch of land. The dandelions were visibly weakened, and by mid-June, they were barely hanging on. With the recommended amount of watering, I eventually saw a lush green carpet emerge out of the formerly weed-ridden turf.

One unexpected side effect was that the product did not deter the dog from using its yard as the designated “potty spot. “ The scent lured him right back in, and I had to clean up a small mess. Overall, the combination of weed control and fertilizer proved effective in improving my lawn’s appearance. However, I did notice that a few weeds were still present after the treatment, particularly around the perimeter of my lawn. Additionally, I found the instructions somewhat confusing, as they seemed to contradict each other. For example, they mentioned that it could be applied during the first three weeks of spring, but then stated that the product should be applied when the weeds were actively growing. I had to research further to figure out the best time to apply to achieve the desired results.

In conclusion, the Scotts Turf Builder Weed & Feed was an effective product for tackling dandelion infestations and nurturing a healthier landscape. However, I had to make a few adjustments due to the confusing instructions and a few remaining weeds. With a bit more diligence, I believe my lawn could achieve the dandelion-free and lush green lawn it was meant to be.

Scotts Triple Action Lawn Fertilizer for Weed Removal and Grass Health

Last week, I decided to try the Scotts Triple Action Turf Builder — a lawn fertilizer that claims to kill weeds, prevent crabgrass, and feed grass to build thick, lush green lawns. As someone who’s never had the greenest thumb, I was interested in seeing if this product could live up to its claims.

Firstly, I have to admit that the instructions provided were easy to follow, which was a great start. The key application is to apply the fertilizer to a wet lawn with a Scotts spreader and then water it in after 24 hours. I followed these steps diligently, and within days, I started noticing a difference in my lawn. The weeds that had been taking over for weeks seemed to be dying off, and the color of my grass started looking more vibrant.

However, there were a few aspects of this product that I found unsatisfactory. For one, the smell was quite strong, and it lingered for a while after I applied the fertilizer. It’s not something that I would want in my daily life, but it’s something to be aware of.

Another drawback is that it took longer than I expected for the results to start showing. After a few weeks of using the Turf Builder, I still had a few weeds lingering around. While it didn’t ruin my lawn, I was expecting the product to be more efficient in eliminating these pesky invasions.

Overall, I have to say that I’m happy with how my lawn looks after using the Scotts Triple Action Turf Builder. It’s definitely a product that works, and it’s much cheaper than calling a professional to maintain your lawn. The smell and slower weeding action are issues to consider, but if you’re looking to save money on lawn care while still achieving decent results, this may be the right product for you.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our Buyer’s Guide for Weed and Feed products! This guide will help you understand the key features to look for when choosing the right Weed and Feed for your lawn care needs. We’ll cover important considerations, general advice, and features to keep in mind while selecting the best Weed and Feed product for your garden.

Types of Weed and Feed Products

Weed and Feed products come in various forms and applications, such as granules, liquid, and ready-to-use sprays. Each type has its benefits and drawbacks. Granular products provide a slow-release fertilizer that lasts for several months, while liquid and ready-to-use sprays offer quicker results. Liquid products are generally easier to apply and have lower susceptibility to environmental factors.

Active Ingredients

The effectiveness of Weed and Feed products depends heavily on their active ingredients. Commonly used ingredients include fertilizers like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, as well as herbicides like 2–4-D, MCPA, and clopyralid. Look for products with a balance of essential nutrients and weed-killing components to ensure optimal results. Make sure to check the product label for specific active ingredients and their concentrations.

Coverage and Application Rates

To determine the right Weed and Feed product for your lawn, consider the area you need to cover and the recommended application rate. Generally, larger areas require more coverage and may necessitate multiple applications. Be aware of the recommended application rates specified by the manufacturer to avoid over-application or damage to your lawn.

Safety and Environmental Concerns

Finally, ensure that the Weed and Feed product you choose is safe for use around children, pets, and the environment. Some products may have restrictions on their use or safety warnings, such as the need for protective clothing or the requirement to avoid watering for a specific period after application. Always read the product label carefully and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure safe and effective use.


What is Weed and Feed and how does it work?

Weed and Feed is a lawn care product that combines the benefits of fertilizing and weed control in a single application. It typically consists of a mixture of nitrogen-rich fertilizer and either a pre-emergent or post-emergent herbicide, which helps to manage and eradicate unwanted weeds in your lawn. These two functions work together to promote healthy grass growth and maintain a weed-free landscape.

The product is applied in granular form, usually by spreading over the lawn’s surface with a broadcast spreader. Once watered, the granules release the nutrients into the soil, providing essential nutrients for plant growth, while the herbicide works to eliminate weeds. This dual action allows lawns to achieve a balanced and healthy growth.

Which Weed and Feed products are available on the market?

Many lawn care brands offer Weed and Feed products tailored to different grass types and specific weed concerns. Some popular options include Scotts Turf Builder Weed & Feed, Bayer Advanced 2-in-1 Weed & Feed, and Ortho Weed B Gon 2 in 1 Lawn Weed & Feed. When choosing a Weed and Feed product, consider the type of grass you have and the types of weeds that are commonly present in your lawn.

Be sure to read the product labels carefully to determine the appropriate application rates, timing, and safety precautions. It’s also essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to achieve the best results and minimize the risk of damaging your lawn or other plants in the area. Most Weed and Feed products are available in home improvement and garden supply stores.

What are the benefits of using a Weed and Feed product?

Weed and Feed products offer several advantages for homeowners seeking to maintain a healthy, weed-free lawn. By combining fertilizing and weed control in a single application, these products save time and effort compared to using separate products for each function. They also promote consistent, even application of both nutrients and herbicides, which helps to maintain a balanced and visually appealing landscape throughout the growing season.

Using a Weed and Feed product can help address multiple lawn care concerns, such as patchy grass, brown spots, and unsightly weeds. This can ultimately lead to a more attractive, well-maintained yard that is more enjoyable for outdoor activities and social gatherings. Additionally, a healthy, weed-free lawn can improve the overall curb appeal of your property, potentially increasing its value.

Can Weed and Feed products be used on all types of grass?

While most Weed and Feed products are designed for use on a wide range of grass types, it’s essential to read the product label carefully to determine if the specific product you are considering is suitable for your grass type. Common grass types include warm-season grasses (such as Zoysia, Bermuda, Centipede, St. Augustine, and Kentucky Bluegrass) and cool-season grasses (such as Fescue, Bentgrass, and Ryegrass).

Some Weed and Feed products may also be labeled for specific uses, such as on grasses with particular weed issues or those used in residential or commercial settings. If you have concerns about the compatibility of a Weed and Feed product with your grass type, consult with a local lawn care professional or the product manufacturer’s customer support team.

How often should I apply a Weed and Feed product to my lawn?

The application frequency of a Weed and Feed product depends on factors such as the specific product, your grass type, local climate conditions, and the severity of your weed problems. Most products recommend applying the granules once or twice a year, typically in the spring and/or fall, to provide optimal growth conditions and manage weed populations throughout the growing season.

However, it’s essential to read the product label carefully for the manufacturer’s recommended application schedule. Over-applying or applying the product too frequently can lead to excessive herbicide build-up in the soil, which may harm the grass and decrease its overall health. Conversely, applying the product too infrequently may not provide adequate control over weeds and could lead to weaker grass growth.

What are the potential risks of using Weed and Feed products?

Like any lawn care product, Weed and Feed products can pose some risks if not used properly. Potential hazards include damage to the lawn or existing plants, groundwater contamination, and negative impacts on wildlife and pollinators. It’s essential to read and follow the product label’s safety precautions and application instructions to minimize these risks.

Ensure that you apply the product only when conditions are favorable. For example, apply in dry conditions after rainfall or irrigation instead of directly into water. Avoid applying the product during prolonged rainy periods, as this may lead to excessive runoff and groundwater contamination. Additionally, consider using a Weed and Feed product with lower risk potential or exploring alternative, more environmentally friendly lawn care solutions.

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